A simple API to search News Articles or subscribe to News Streams.

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News Stream and Search

Newsriver provides a WebSocket API for real-time access to freshly aggregated online news.


Aggregated news articles can be filtered by properties such us: keywords, languages, categories, publishers, countries, etc.


Additional metadata information such sentiment analysis, publisher global ranking, social shares, related articles, etc. are associated to each crawled news.


Newsriver is crawling more than 500K daily news articles from thousands of online newspapers and blogs worldwide (excluded: Asia and Africa). For instance, all Alexa top news publishers are consistently indexed.

Big Data and AI for News Intelligence

News harvesting

We harvest hundreds of thousand news articles a day, constantly scanning trough the most relevant online newspapers and blogs.

Structured data

News content is extrapolated from unstructured websites HTML and converted into standardised structured JSON data.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms are used to organize the massive amount of data by removing news duplicates and grouping news into specific topics.

Filtering and search

Extensive search criteria can be defined to spot the right news articles.


Raw news articles information are enriched with metadata such us: sentiment analysis, social shares, etc.

Near realtime

As soon as news articles matching filter criteria have been discovered, they are immediately dispatched.



1K API calls / month

1 stream

10K articles / month

Best effort support



100K API calls / month

3 streams

3 Mio articles / month

Support within 72h

Limited SLA


Unlimited API calls / month

Unlimited streams

Unlimited articles / month

Support within 24h



Newsriver is the first API providing daily access to hundreds of thousand news article consistently harvested from The Internet and processed with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology.

A very simple REST API to define filters criteria combined to WebSockes to stream news article as JSON data to your infrastructure.

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